Savings Rates

TypeMinimum to OpenMinimum Average to Obtain YieldDividend RateAPY**
Regular Shares$5.00$150.00.15%.15%
Share Account$0.00$150.00.15%.15%
Smart Saver$0.00$25.00.15%.15%
Business-DBA w/ Soc. Sec #$5.00$150.00.15%.15%
Live and Learn$5.00$25.00.15%.15%
Juvenile Shares$5.00$25.00.15%.15%


$5,000 Maximum

TypeMinimum to OpenMinimum & Maximum to Obtain YieldDividend RateAPY**
Christmas$0.00$5 – $5,000 max.35%.35%
Vacation$0.00$5 – $5,000 max.35%.35%

Share Certificates

TermMinimum to OpenMinimum to Obtain YieldDividend RateAPY**
60 – 365 Day$500$500.75%.75%
9 Months$500$5004.89%5.00%
18 Month$500$5003.21%3.25%
24 Months$500$5002.96%3.00%
36 Months$500$5002.72%2.75%
48 Months$500$5002.72%2.75%
60 Months$500$5002.72%2.75%
Live and Learn$250$250
IRA CertificatesMinimum to OpenMinimum Average to Obtain YieldDividend RateAPY**
IRA Share$500$500.15%.15%
Live & Learn IRA Share$250$250.15%.15%
9 Month$500$5004.89%5.00%
395 Day$500$500.99%1.00%
5 Year$500$5002.72%2.75%

** APY = Annual Percentage Yield
Effective 06/03/2024-Rates subject to change.

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